It’s one thing when a bushfire is an act of nature.  It’s shocking and it’s tragic, but it’s been happening forever.

But when the fires are deliberately lit.  Fuck.  This is slaughter and destruction on a mass scale.  And there’s no reason for it, other than the joy of seeing the fire blaze.

As Kirstyn puts so graphically in her LJ post on this subject, you can just imagine the bastard sitting there, watching all the death and fire and tragedy and loving every second of it.

You know I don’t understand what would make a father throw his daughter off a bridge.  But I appreciate that it wasn’t a deliberate decision.  This man deserves our pity for the terrible act he committed.  I still see him as a human.

These people who light fires.  No matter how deranged they maybe, I just don’t have the compassion for them.  I just don’t have that sense of pity.  I don’t even think they’re human anymore.

Deep down I know capital punishment is wrong… but if these people are captured, I can see a case for it.  I thought the same when Martin Bryant was captured.  Sometimes… it seems like the only way – as terrible as that maybe.

And yes, I know Terry, I know we shouldn’t stoop to their level.