Most of you who read this blog will know that the Tiptree Award for 2012 was announced a day or so back.

I’m super excited to see that the award has gone to The Drowning Girl – joint winner with Kiini Ibura Salaam’s collection of stories. Ancient, Ancient

Kirstyn and I, with our special guest star Jonathan Strahan, reviewed The Drowning Girl on the Writer and the Critic podcast back in June 2012 And back then we all said that the book needed to be on the Tiptree ballot. Which was possibly a bit rude of us, but it’s a book all three of us felt strongly about.

Hopefully, the Tiptrees should be the first of many nominees and awards for The Drowning Girl. I expect to see it on the World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson ballots. And while I think it will struggle to get on the Hugo ballot, I certainly nominated it.

The great thing about awards like The Tiptree is that they introduce you to writers and works that normally wouldn’t appear on your radar. In this case it was Kiini Ibura Salaam’s Ancient, Ancient. I went straight to Wizard Tower books and bought myself a lovely ecopy. Congratulations should also go to Aqueduct Press for publishing high quality fiction.

Of the other nominees, I own all of them, except for the Wells and the Wheeler, but haven’t actually read any of them. If only there was more time…

Anyway, congratulations to everyone!