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Apr 28

Sophie Z and the Ditmars 2013

For those of you not on Twitter, Facebook or my contacts list, 9 days and three hours ago Sophie Zara Mond was born. Sister to a non plussed Joshi, (the cutest is when he asks her questions expecting answers like ‘Why are you crying?”) Sophie is currently being fed while I type this. They say …

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Mar 31

Some Thoughts on the Ditmars

You’d think that with the Hugo nominees being announced today I’d get on the bandwagon and put in my two bobs worth. But jingoism precludes any sort of international award and so the Ditmar ballot comes first. (1) I know I’d rather be cynical and sarcastic, but what a great novel list. Sea Hearts, Bitter …

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Jun 13

I’ll always remember Continuum 8

I’m not going to pretend otherwise, winning both the Chronos and Ditmar awards for the Writer and the Critic with my co-host Kirstyn and in my home State of Victoria was one of my proudest moments ever.*  You see, before that moment I’d never won anything in my entire life.  The closest I’d come was …

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May 03

Number crunching 10 year of the Ditmars

I was sitting with Jules last week watching The Voice on fast forward (we record it then zip through all the boring bits) and I suddenly has this urge to number crunch the Ditmars.  Admittedly, it was an urge sparked by the recent Ditmar ballot which can be found here. Of course, whenever anyone says …

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Apr 30

Ditmar ballot – first I pat myself on the back…

The 2012 Ditmar ballot was announced last week. I’m chuffed that Writer and the Critic appears in Best Fan Publication in Any Medium. I always look forward to my podcast night with Kirstyn. Not just because she provides baked goods – seriously there are gingerbread men and then there are the gingerbread men baked by …

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