On 4 April 2012, the Continuum Foundation announced the Awards Ballot for the Chronos Award.  (For those of you not aware, the Chronos recognises excellence in Victorian Science Fiction and Fantasy.)

The Long Fiction ballot includes a number of works that I own but haven’t actually read.  It also includes Scape, a YA web-zine that I’d never heard of.  So thank you Awards Ballot for making me aware that it exists.  (It’s quite a fetching website as well).

It’s also nice that both Alex P and Jason N got nods for the fan writer category.  And, of course, I’m proud that Writer and The Critic was nominated  for Best Fan Publication – though we were against some stiff competition.

And finally, I didn’t put forward a single nomination in any of the categories.

Yes.  Exactly.  After saying all this I forgot to nominate.  I know the post is specifically about the Ditmars – which I did nominate for – but it still feels hypocritical going on a rant and then not making the effort to nominate for my State’s award.  So I apologise Chronos for treating you so shabbily.  I promise to do better next year.