So I’ve just submitted my nominations for the Hugo Awards. I know I can update them over the next few days, but unless something suddenly pops into my head, it’s unlikely I’ll be adding anything.

A few days back I mentioned the comics I’d be nominating, so I thought I’d inspire you with the fan writers I’ve put on my list. They are:

Abigail Nussbaum

Grant Watson


Martin Lewis

Liz Bourke (I’ve linked to her review of Theft of Swords because it’s a great example of how an excellent review can generate discussion – even if most of it is heated. But Liz has written many fine reviews).

I’ve spoken in the past about how much I enjoy these writers so it should be no surprise that I’m nominating them. But it’s worth noting that none of my potential nominees have ever appeared on a Hugo list and it’s time we saw some variety, some fresh voices on the ballot.