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Mar 06

Tiptree Awards

Most of you who read this blog will know that the Tiptree Award for 2012 was announced a day or so back. I’m super excited to see that the award has gone to The Drowning Girl – joint winner with Kiini Ibura Salaam’s collection of stories. Ancient, Ancient Kirstyn and I, with our special guest …

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Sep 09

Delayed Hugo Post

It’s a delayed post because frankly I don’t have much to say. For anyone who still has no idea who won, you can find the winners here. I was surprised to see Jo Walton walk away with Best Novel for Among Others. I genuinely expected GRRM, with his strong fanbase, to have his one in …

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Aug 26

I’m a Podcast Floozy

In my attempt to conquer the Podcast Universe this month I featured in four different podcasts. First off was episode 15 of the new and improved (or exactly the same as it was before) Shooting the Poo.  In this, the first of a two part epic discussion on the Alien film franchise, I get sprayed …

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Aug 13

Some thoughts on the World Fantasy Nominees

So the world fantasy award nominees were announced a few days back.  If you don’t already know who is on the ballot, you can find out here. Overall it’s a ballot I endorse (because, of course, World Fantasy has been holding its breath waiting for my tick of approval).  As you might guess, I’m especially …

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Jul 25

Writer and the Critic – Episode 21

Yes, I know, I’m late again in announcing this – the episode went up 5 days ago – and I’m sure those of you interested have either listened to episode 21 or have it queued ready to go.  Still, at 2 hours and 16 minutes this is not only our longest episode – and close …

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Jun 25

Writer and the Critic – Episode 20

It feels like forever since we recorded this episode.  It’s that famous one from Continuum 8 where I pretend I’m Jim C Hines and try and pose like the cover of Anne McCaffrey’s The Crystal Singer.  I honestly twinged a calf muscle doing that. Still it’s a fun episode.  Alison and Kelly are in great …

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Jun 13

I’ll always remember Continuum 8

I’m not going to pretend otherwise, winning both the Chronos and Ditmar awards for the Writer and the Critic with my co-host Kirstyn and in my home State of Victoria was one of my proudest moments ever.*  You see, before that moment I’d never won anything in my entire life.  The closest I’d come was …

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Apr 30

Ditmar ballot – first I pat myself on the back…

The 2012 Ditmar ballot was announced last week. I’m chuffed that Writer and the Critic appears in Best Fan Publication in Any Medium. I always look forward to my podcast night with Kirstyn. Not just because she provides baked goods – seriously there are gingerbread men and then there are the gingerbread men baked by …

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Apr 14

And before the Hugos we have… the Chronos Awards

On 4 April 2012, the Continuum Foundation announced the Awards Ballot for the Chronos Award.  (For those of you not aware, the Chronos recognises excellence in Victorian Science Fiction and Fantasy.) The Long Fiction ballot includes a number of works that I own but haven’t actually read.  It also includes Scape, a YA web-zine that …

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Mar 21

New episodes of Shooting The Poo and Writer and The Critic

You lucky people! There are new episodes up of both Shooting The Poo guest starring Oscar award winner Shaun Tan and Writer and the Critic featuring another award winner Rob Shearman. Thanks to the guests these are two of our best ever episodes. So you should listen to them. Like, right now!

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