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May 12

Disch Republish #5: Camp Concentration

I think I would have adored Camp Concentration if I’d read it at University.  With all the literary allusions and themes about death and religion and science, it’s the sort of vaguely pretentious book that someone struggling through a Masters of Philosophy would identify with.  Of the many SF and Horror and Doctor Who books I …

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Apr 27

Disch Republish #4: The House That Fear Built

Did you know that this was John Sladek’s first novel?  (That would be the same John Sladek who wrote The Roderick books).  According to this very good biography of Disch, Sladek and Disch had similar senses of humour and became close buddies.  So much so that they travelled through Europe together.  In 1965, while sailing …

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Apr 14

Disch Republish #3: Echo Round His Bones

What we have, with Echo Round His Bones, is a Cold War thriller where the US have invented a matter transmitter and the USSR haven’t.  Most of the US cities are protected by domes; though it’s clear these domes are more psychological than protective, if the nukes started to rain down the domes would crack.  And the US has …

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Apr 07

Disch Republish #2: The Puppies of Terra

The Puppies of Terra has a bit of a convoluted publishing history.  It was originally a short story called White Fang Goes Dingo that Disch wrote in 1962 but didn’t get published until 1965 in If Magazine.  A year later he expanded the book under the title Mankind Under the Leash.  And then, when it was …

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Mar 31

Disch Republish #1: The Genocides

If you filed off some of the dates in The Genocides – such as the fact that the Plants started appearing in 1972 and that the cities had fallen by 1979 – you wouldn’t know that this novel had been written over five decades ago. The Genocides details the invasion of Earth by Plants.  Millions of these trees …

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Mar 26

Week 12: Republishing Tom Disch (my reviews, not his books, sadly) and Ancient Chinese influences

Books Read The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu Currently Reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik (1) I’ve decided to republish my reviews of Thomas Disch’s novels.  Back in 2009 (was it really 7 years ago?) in preparation for a talk on Disch at the venerable Nova Mob, I read all his novels and collections – or …

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