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Aug 22

When We Were Animals by Joshua Gaylord

The conceit that underpins this terrific coming of age novel is the idea that beginning with puberty the kids of a mid-western town “breach”, i.e. when the moon is full they go completely feral. Lumen Fowler is late to breach. While most of her schoolmates are spending their nights clawing, biting, fucking and running nude …

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Aug 18

Experimental Film by Gemma Files

Experimental Film by Gemma Files is a damn fine ghost story.  It’s not a genre that I particularly like – last year I read a couple of ghostly related novels that bored me senseless – but by fusing together the alchemy of cinema with Wendish mythology Files has delivered a compelling and genuinely creepy ghost story. …

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May 08

Week 18: More effing awards – but seriously I love them – and two books I liked but didn’t love

Books Read The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan The Night Clocks by Paul Meloy The Reflection by Hugo Wilcken Currently Reading  In the Skin of a Monster by Kathryn Barker (1) This week my review of Tade Thompson’s award-winning and fantastic début novel, Making Wolf, was published on the Strange Horizons’ website.  Here’s a quote from my …

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Jun 25

Book Review: The Way Inn by Will Wiles

What’s It About A creepy and dark novel about reality bending motels and business conferences. Representative Paragraph The “conference surrogate” is probably the greatest idea ever invented in all of literature.  (Hyperbole intended!!!!) “I meant,” I said, “why are you here at the conference? Aren’t there places you would rather be? Back at the office, getting …

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May 01

Book Review: Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

What’s It About History.  Sex.  And 6 foot tall praying mantises attacking a small town in Iowa.  So, you know, the usual fare. Should I Read It? Yes – but I recommend that you read a sample first. In an attempt to reflect the thought processes of a sexually confused 16 year old boy, the novel bludgeons …

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Apr 27

Book Review: The Race by Nina Allan

What’s It About The back cover copy of The Race would lead you to believe that the entire novel is set on the coastal town of Sapphire, suffering a slow decline from fracking and ecological disaster.  And while that’s partly true, Sapphire and its denizens only comprise a fourth of the novel.  In actual fact The Race consists of …

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Oct 06

A Pozible, A Kickstarter and Strange Horizons

Here’s a couple of projects you might be interested in supporting. The first comes from Julia Rios and Alisa Krasnostein, two of my favourite people, who have joined together to edit an anthology of diverse YA stories.  They’ve gone to Pozible (the Australian Kickstarter) to raise the funds ($12,000) and after 6 or so days they’ve …

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Sep 16

Strange Horizons – DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!

On Sunday, Kirstyn and I recorded episode 32 of Writer and The Critic.  During our discussion of Every Day by David Levithan, Kirstyn quoted from this review by Sara Polsky.  Assuming Kirstyn doesn’t edit it out, you should hear me cutting her off mid-sentence to babble on about the Strange Horizon fund drive. What I wanted …

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Aug 14

A question for the interwebs

I’d like to read Christopher Priest’s The Adjacent but I haven’t actually read any of his fiction (I know you can castigate me later).  Anywho Niall Alexander’s review on Strange Horizon – which I admit I only skimmed – says: Reading The Adjacent is like taking a grand tour of the larger canon Christopher Priest has established over …

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Jul 17

But Who Has The Time?

The itch to blog has returned. Mostly I want to review the books I’ve been reading.  Not that there have been that many but I’d still like to share my thoughts with the internet public. I had dreams of writing actual criticism.  The sort of essay / critique that you might see on Strange Horizons but with a …

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