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Nov 27

Shooting the Poo Episode 9 and Nick Cage

Shooting the Poo Episode 9 is now up on iTunes and our Posterous website thingie. It’s the Errol Morris episode, someone who I’d never heard of until Dave decided we should do a podcast about him.  The podcast, which actually is one of our funniest even if it’s also about cop killers, Nazis and Stephen …

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Oct 24

Shooting the Poo – episode 8

The episode was up on the site on 15 October, so it’s not exactly new and fresh, but for any of you who missed it please go an listen to episode 8 of Shooting the Poo. The show notes (which are heeeelarious) speak for themselves.  A. Also, if you’ve been wondering where the “Hysterical Hamster” …

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