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Dec 03

Book Review: House of Ashes by Monique Roffey

The TL;DR Review For Those Who Haven’t Read The Book  What’s The Book About? A militant religious group attempts to overthrow the Government of a small Caribbean Island.  The events of the novel are based on the attempted coup that took place in Trinidad and Tobago in 1990. Should I read it? Maybe.  I have …

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Sep 02

13 random and rambling thoughts about the Hugo Awards and one HUGE THANK YOU!

The Hugo Awards were announced earlier today.  The winners can be found here and the all important stats can be found here. In no particular order here are my thoughts on the results: Apparently I’m not allowed to blame Ustream for the shitty video coverage.  It had something to do with the Hotel’s WiFi… I …

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Feb 26

The Oscars Fall Out

Last night Jules and I had fellow Shooting the Poo podcasters, Mitch and Dave (and Emma), over to watch the Oscars. (Mostly in fast forward).* Because Jules and I and the rest of us were on a social media blackout we weren’t aware of the numerous controversies that erupted following the Oscars. I’m not going …

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Feb 19

Shooting the Poo Episode 21

I forgot to mention that we released episode 21 of Shooting the Poo a week or so back. I shouldn’t have forgotten because it’s a fucking great episode. It helps that the source material – that would be Louis’ docos – are so good. So go listen. Be educated. And be entertained. And, you know, …

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Sep 10

A New Episode of Shooting The Poo (Episode 17)

We talk all things David Lynch in this first part of a two part Lynchian spectacular.

Aug 26

I’m a Podcast Floozy

In my attempt to conquer the Podcast Universe this month I featured in four different podcasts. First off was episode 15 of the new and improved (or exactly the same as it was before) Shooting the Poo.  In this, the first of a two part epic discussion on the Alien film franchise, I get sprayed …

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Apr 16

Shooting the Poo Episode 13 —

— is up.  Actually it’s already been up for a few days so you should have already been offended by it.  But if you haven’t clicked play and you want to know what the three of us think of Frank Miller and Mark Millar… well off you go and have a listen.

Mar 21

New episodes of Shooting The Poo and Writer and The Critic

You lucky people! There are new episodes up of both Shooting The Poo guest starring Oscar award winner Shaun Tan and Writer and the Critic featuring another award winner Rob Shearman. Thanks to the guests these are two of our best ever episodes. So you should listen to them. Like, right now!

Jan 21

Shooting the Poo Episode 11 is UP (Featuring John Richards)

In a decision that he will live to regret in many years to come, John  Richards joined Shooting the Poo to discuss his new ABC 1 comedy Outland. If you’ve avoided listening to an episode of STP before now, this one is pretty shitty so I wouldn’t bother starting here.  See what I did there!!! …

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Jan 05

Episode 10 of Shooting the Poo is up…

… and this month we delve into the short fiction worlds of O. Henry (who I couldn’t stand) and Flannery O’Connor (who I fell in love with). We do use the word N-word a bit, it’s mostly unavoidable when discussing O’Connor’s work, but I think the podcast is definitely well worth a listen. Hope you …

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