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Feb 22


There’s an old Jewish saying (from the Talmud actually) that a person reveals his (or her) true self in three ways:  When they’re angry, when they’re drunk or when money matters are involved.  A fourth category can now be added: SFWA politics. (Yes, I’ve been working on that gag for two weeks). For those who …

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Mar 18

Reviewing the Nebulas: Novelettes

Seven novelettes were nominated for the Nebulas this year and I have to say that apart from one dud they’re a shiny crop of stories. Moreso then the nominated short fiction, I expect to see a few of these novelettes appear on the Hugo ballot.

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Mar 11

Reviewing The Nebulas: The Short Stories

Although I’m not a member of SFWA(1), I thought I’d review a couple of the award categories starting with short fiction. Also, because I’m shit at story summaries, I’m going to be relying on online sources – mostly Lois Tilton. Behind the cut, it’s on with the reviews.

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