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Jul 31

Readercon Delay – Rose Fox Clears Up My Confusion

Yes, this is another post about the current Readercon controversy / gate / fail however you want to describe it.  But it’s not a rant.  I did that already yesterday. In that post I slammed the Board of Directors for letting this issue “fester” for three days (now four).  What I’d missed was this tweet …

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Apr 15

Hugo Commentary: Best Fan Writer (long post – tangents included)

As I understand it the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) will be debating this year whether Best Graphic Story should survive as a category or be taken out and shot. There’s actually a number of good reasons why you’d remove the category from the ballot ranging from graphic comics being well serviced by other awards …

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Mar 27

Boosting the Signal

Here’s a few cool book and magazine related tidbits I thought I’d share. The good news is that Cheryl Morgan has just re-opened Wizard’s Tower books.  Not only is the site easy to navigate and even easier to look at, Cheryl has also launched a new book by Juliet E McKenna, A Few Further Tales …

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Nov 09

Genreville’s Top 10… or 6 books of 2011

Rose Fox’s wonderful Publisher Weekly’s blog, Genreville, published its Top 10 books for 2011… except it’s actually a Top 6 (which confused me a bit). While I haven’t actually read a single book on that list, I own two of them (Zoo City and Triptych), am pissed off that I didn’t order Two Worlds and In …

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