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May 05

The Locus Award Nominees Have Been Announced

I’ve been hanging out for the announcement of the Locus Award nominees.  This Award has always been an excellent snapshot of the state of (mostly) American SF&F and because my tastes have clearly drifted away from core genre, I’m curious to see how I react to the 20 novels listed below (or at least the …

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Feb 14

Shortlists — SHORTlists — SHORTLISTS!!!!!

So here you are eagerly awaiting the BSFA and Kitschies shortlists and the buggers go and announce them on the same day!  You can find them here for the BSFA and here for the KItschies. The BSFA shortlist for best novel is as follows: Nina Allan, for The Race, published by Newcon Press Frances Hardinge, for …

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Aug 21

Stop Hating on Lovecraft!!!!!

Last December I wrote this blog post in response to this thought provoking piece by the brilliant Nnedi Okorafor.  In the post I said the following:  If Lovecraft was writing today, and was still very much the same man with the same fucked up attitudes, it’s likely  that the reaction from the interwebs and publishers would be …

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Feb 02

Nominating the Hugos – Novels

Before I get started I’d like to mention how shit the Chicon 7 online nomination form is.  There’s no warning anywhere on the form that if you tab away from the screen – because you want to check the length of a story – when you return everything you’ve entered will have fucking vanished.  So, …

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Dec 20

Did Lovecraft Win?

After a bout of gastro – thank you Joshua Ethan Mond – I didn’t really have the strength over the weekend to do a follow up post on gender bias issues.*  So I thought I’d have a laugh and instead write about Lovecraft and racism and anti-semitism as sparked by this wonderful post by Nnedi …

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Dec 14

Gender Bias, Case Number #219067

On the latest episode of Live and Sassy*, Jonathan Strahan, in responding to a question from Alisa Krasnostein, says that a lazy default for any sort of anthology or collection should be a 30% – 70% split.  That is 30% female and 70% male.  He goes onto emphasise that this is the lazy default and …

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