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Dec 05

I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas

I am Providence is a terrific novel.  It’s a murder mystery set at a Lovecraft convention.  This might sound cringeworthy at first, the sort of book open to all sorts of shitty stereotypes, but works beautifully because the novel has been written by someone who (a) has experienced the muck and guts of the fannish trenches and …

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Dec 07

What I’ve Been Reading – November edition

Life is so hectic at the moment that I’m barely able to get a blog post out a month.  I’d like to blame the kids, but really I’ve spent most of my time playing and discussing and giggling over the worst cricket game ever made.  Ashes 2013: I’ve also recorded a new episode of Writer …

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Aug 11

The Hugo Mishigas – WSFS edition

Due to the effort of Cheryl Morgan and Kevin Standlee I’m aware of these proposed changes to the Hugo Award rules — Agenda Section 4 – New Business WSFS members may submit new business for consideration by the Business Meeting. Motions submitted prior to the convention will be published here as they become available. 4.1 …

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Jun 16

Who Blogs These Days Anyway?

So it’s been nearly two months since I last blogged.  Well, maybe more like six weeks.  In that time Sophie Zara Mond has reached the eight week mark and I’ve been going to bed increasingly earlier.  (There are times when I can can’t keep my eyes open beyond 10:30… I never thought I’d see the …

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Apr 18

Fan Writery Links #1

I’m not good with the whole link salad thing.  But as I said in this post, I’m going to spend this year and next linking to the best articles and rants and reviews I come across.  I’m calling it fan-writing, but it doesn’t necessarily need to have been written by a fan or be about …

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Apr 15

Hugo Commentary: Best Fan Writer (long post – tangents included)

As I understand it the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) will be debating this year whether Best Graphic Story should survive as a category or be taken out and shot. There’s actually a number of good reasons why you’d remove the category from the ballot ranging from graphic comics being well serviced by other awards …

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Apr 01

Going Chris Priest on the Aurealis Awards

Unless you’ve been away from the Internet for the last week, you’ll know that Christopher Priest went ballistic on this years Clarke Awards short list. What you might have missed is that a week or so before the Clarke Awards list was released the short list for Australia’s premier genre award (also judged by a …

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Feb 21

The Neb Nominees Are Out, But First The Stokers

On Saturday the Final Ballot for the 2011 Stoker Awards was announced.  Apart from Nick Mamatas, there’s been fuck all commentary of the nominees in blog-land*.  (The Nebula list has been out for less than 24 hours and it’s already received more exposure).  But then I suppose if the Australian horror Yahoo group, Southern Horror, …

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Dec 11

I’m bored by this as well…

Nick Mamatas’ is spot on when he categorises the whole “Why Won’t Literary Fiction love us” debate as an infantile disorder.  He specifically refers to this “letter” from Daniel Abraham, which featured on SF Signal and has a vague stalkerish vibe.* But if you ever wondered about my opinion on this issue, and I’m sure …

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Nov 02

A Favourite Blog

There aren’t that many blogs or LJs out there that I crave to read or get excited about when there’s another update.  But one I do genuinely enjoy – and not just because of the brilliant title – is Requires Only That You Hate.   I came across this blog via Nick Mamatas and immediately fell …

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