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Aug 29

Burnt Out on Short Fiction

Last year I agreed to do Last Short Story with Tansy, Alisa, Sarah, Alex and Jonathan.  I thought it would be interesting and even fun to see what genre short fiction was like. I began strong, keeping up with a bunch of magazines – both online and print – and then, around June of that …

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Mar 05

Mondy’s Recommended Reading – Febraury 2012

I’m back from Adelaide Writer’s Week (it was brilliant) and it occurred to me that in the rush of flying to Adelaide, eating canapes, meeting famous writers and talking about Daleks, I hadn’t as yet made my February short fiction recommendations. In February I read from: Interzone – Jan / Feb Fantasy and Science Fiction …

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Feb 12

Nominating the Hugos – Novellas, Novelettes and Short Stories

Because I’m a realist and I know I’ll run out of time, I thought I’d throw my nominations for novella, novelette and short story together in one post. Novellas ‘‘Times Table’’, Robert Shearman (Everyone’s Just So So Special) Comment: Last year I joined the Last Short Story crew and seriously believed I’d read at least …

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Jan 03

And now… for the first post of the year

Happy 2012 to all of you out there.  For those looking forward to the Mayan prophecy coming to pass on 21-12-12… you can fuck off.  Or you can read this site, which sees the Prophecy as a time of transcedence rather than the wholesale destruction of humanity.  Whatever makes you happy. Anyway, I watched the …

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Dec 25

Mondy’s Year’s Best for 2011

I’ve published my Year’s Best short fiction for 2011 on the Last Short Story blog. There’a about 40 stories there, a number of which you can get for free online.  So plenty of great reading for the holiday season.