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Mar 04

Review: Consider Phlebas by Iain M Banks

Goodreads figures: 15506 ratings at an average of 3.87 So I’m reading Martin Lewis’ blog (Everything Is Nice) and he’s ripping into Hartwell and Cramer’s introduction of a Gregory Benford story.* During the evisceration, mention is made of early New Space Opera from authors such as Banks and Colin Greenland. And it occurs to me …

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Jan 01

This Is Not What I Intended

The first day of 2013 starts with a first world problem. I still don’t have my Brydge keyboard for the iPad.. This was a Kickstarter project I signed up with in April 2012 with an estimated October delivery. I stopped posting in September with the hope that my next post would be written with the …

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Aug 26

I’m a Podcast Floozy

In my attempt to conquer the Podcast Universe this month I featured in four different podcasts. First off was episode 15 of the new and improved (or exactly the same as it was before) Shooting the Poo.  In this, the first of a two part epic discussion on the Alien film franchise, I get sprayed …

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Jul 25

Writer and the Critic – Episode 21

Yes, I know, I’m late again in announcing this – the episode went up 5 days ago – and I’m sure those of you interested have either listened to episode 21 or have it queued ready to go.  Still, at 2 hours and 16 minutes this is not only our longest episode – and close …

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Apr 17

Coode Street

97 episodes in and Coode Street gets better and better.  Yeah, it’s done by Skype and yeah it abruptly begins and ends and yeah you could make a drinking game out of how many times “The Pelican Brief” has been mentioned on the show,*but the last bunch of podcasts, which have included interviews with Peter …

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Dec 14

Gender Bias, Case Number #219067

On the latest episode of Live and Sassy*, Jonathan Strahan, in responding to a question from Alisa Krasnostein, says that a lazy default for any sort of anthology or collection should be a 30% – 70% split.  That is 30% female and 70% male.  He goes onto emphasise that this is the lazy default and …

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