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I Am Providence by Nick Mamatas

I am Providence is a terrific novel.  It’s a murder mystery set at a Lovecraft convention.  This might sound cringeworthy at first, the sort of book open to all sorts of shitty stereotypes, but works beautifully because...

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Tiptree Awards

Most of you who read this blog will know that the Tiptree Award for 2012 was announced a day or so back. I’m super excited to see that the award has gone to The Drowning Girl – joint winner with Kiini Ibura...

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This Is Not What I Intended

The first day of 2013 starts with a first world problem. I still don’t have my Brydge keyboard for the iPad.. This was a Kickstarter project I signed up with in April 2012 with an estimated October delivery. I stopped...

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