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Mar 07

Love That Passion. Love That Fandom

At the moment the genre community is flagellating itself over a number of recent controversies. There’s the minority view that SF/F fandom has been taken over by a raving bunch of politically correct, group thinking, communist leaning straw-people who are looking to take the fun and misogyny out of the genre.  Then there’s the more …

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Mar 25

My inner 14 year old

In what’s a very even handed and sensible post on the whole Best Fanzine vs Best Blog discussion / debate / dogpile, Mark Plummer says, I was pleased to see mondyboy’s response on The Hysterical Hamster, especially because of the way he riffed off Mike’s post by cleverly casting his own reactions as being those …

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Mar 18

Don’t be apathetic – get off your arse and nominate for the Ditmars

Look, I know it’s easy to be cynical about the Ditmars, and for that matter local awards like the Chronos and the Tin Ducks. Fuck all people nominate for them, even less actually vote and so the results always feel at best open to calls that the process is corrupt or at worst meaningless. The …

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Mar 13

Let’s Replace the Best Fanzine Category with Best Blog

I know I’m coming late to the party, but while reading this post by Mike Glyer from File 770 I discovered that blogs, such as this one, aren’t actually eligible for a Hugo because, to quote Andrew Trembley, “under the current [Hugo] rule, a blog that doesn’t adopt a periodical format isn’t eligible…” Trembley then …

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Nov 07

Oh woe is fandom

So File 770 is a really good resource for all things fannish.  But there are time when it feels like the obituary pages in the paper, reporting the death of another old time fan.  And when I read these obituaries, mostly of people I’ve never heard of but who played in a role in bringing …

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