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Kill The Moon

SPOILERS!!!! This is an episode that lives or dies on whether you can accept the premise. That is, that the moon is in fact a fertilised egg for a dragon-like creature. You also need to accept the science (or lack thereof) that...

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Review: Caretaker

[SPOILERS] Caretaker is an episode with a number of sparkling, funny moments, joined together by jokes that don’t work at all and a monster that’s laughably bad. Let’s start with the Skilvoxy whatever. Yes, I...

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Review: Time Heist

[SPOILERS] Another good episode of Doctor Who. Once again radically different in tone than what we saw last week. And while I enjoyed last weeks more, I was well and truly entertained by Stephen Thompson’s best Doctor Who...

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Deep Breath

I know, I know it’s been, like, forever since I blogged here.  I seem to gravitating toward Facebook more.  I have promised myself, though, that when my new ClamCase for the iPad Air arrives in the mail that I will start...

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