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Nov 25

Book Review: The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth

The TL;DR Review For Those Who Haven’t Read The Book  What’s The Book About? The Battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion of England.  It’s told through the eyes of an Anglo-Saxon farmer and freeman named Buccmaster.  Following the death of his wife and sons he hides in the forest looking to plot revenge against …

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Oct 13

Review: Mummy On the Orient Express

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Marvellous. Absolutely and utterly marvellous. A wonderful cast, a witty script, a plot that – aside from some science hand wavium – actually holds together without the need to squint, stick your fingers in your ears or call the story an allegory. While I’ve really enjoyed a number of stories this …

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Oct 05

Kill The Moon

SPOILERS!!!! This is an episode that lives or dies on whether you can accept the premise. That is, that the moon is in fact a fertilised egg for a dragon-like creature. You also need to accept the science (or lack thereof) that goes with that concept. For example, if the moon is in fact an …

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Sep 29

Review: Caretaker

[SPOILERS] Caretaker is an episode with a number of sparkling, funny moments, joined together by jokes that don’t work at all and a monster that’s laughably bad. Let’s start with the Skilvoxy whatever. Yes, I understand it’s not meant to be the point of the episode, that it’s basically an excuse for the Doctor to …

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Sep 21

Review: Time Heist

[SPOILERS] Another good episode of Doctor Who. Once again radically different in tone than what we saw last week. And while I enjoyed last weeks more, I was well and truly entertained by Stephen Thompson’s best Doctor Who script. (With Moffat as co-writer I can’t help wonder how much of the script was re-written. I’d …

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Sep 21

Review: Robot of Sherwood (sort of) and Listen

[MINOR SPOILERS] I didn’t review Robot of Sherwood last week because I didn’t have much to say. I thought it was fun episode with a silly ending that had me laughing out loud a couple of times. The hatred toward it has been over the top. As much I respect and enjoy Grant Watson’s reviews, …

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Aug 26

Deep Breath

I know, I know it’s been, like, forever since I blogged here.  I seem to gravitating toward Facebook more.  I have promised myself, though, that when my new ClamCase for the iPad Air arrives in the mail that I will start book reviewing here again. Anywho, I seem to sharing my thoughts of the new …

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Feb 16

Chicks Unravel Time and Big Finish

I intended to do a full review of Chicks Unravel Time a few months back. But following an unhelpful bout of apathy (not towards the book, but towards reviewing and blogging in general) all my brilliant thoughts about Chicks Unravel Time faded away like a resolved temporal paradox. Genius thoughts aside, it is a great …

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Sep 10

A snippet from Ian Levine’s Gallifrey

Ian Levine is a well known Doctor Who fan – in particular famous for saving the original Dalek story before it got wiped in 1963.  If you’re interested (and I don’t see why you would be unless Doctor Who fandom makes you go squeeee) here’s his Wikipedia page. OK, I need to put the passage …

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Feb 27

I’m off to the Adelaide Writers Festival

On Friday I head off to Adelaide for the very first time* to be at the Adelaide Writers Festival.  I’ll be on two panels. The first is “On and Off The Page” and is on the Saturday at 12:00.  It features Megan Abbott, Paul Callaghan and Rob Shearman, with me playing the role as moderator. …

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