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Mar 12

Big Finish and Gender Issues – Another Redux

A few weeks back Doc Oho interviewed Nick Briggs about his five years in the chair as Executive Producer of Big Finish.  it’s a good interview and worth the read. One of the questions Doc Oho asked was: There has been a discussion recently on Gallifrey Base with regards to there being a lack of female writers contributing stories. …

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Feb 21

Big Finish Redux

So earlier this week I wrote a post suggesting that Big Finish might consider approaching more female writers for their main range.* Anywho, a poster named “The Ray” (whomever he might be) decided to link to my post on Gallifrey Base, and that started a 5 page thread on the issue. For those who decide …

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Feb 16

Chicks Unravel Time and Big Finish

I intended to do a full review of Chicks Unravel Time a few months back. But following an unhelpful bout of apathy (not towards the book, but towards reviewing and blogging in general) all my brilliant thoughts about Chicks Unravel Time faded away like a resolved temporal paradox. Genius thoughts aside, it is a great …

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