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Jan 19

An Analysis of 2015’s Literary and Genre Awards: Part 3 – Subjectivity

What you’re all dying to know in this the third and final part of my analysis of Literary and Genre Awards is what were the best and worst shortlists for 2015.  Of course the subjectivity here is all mine and the mileage of other’s will vary. What I’m going to do is list the top …

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Jan 14

An Analysis of 2015’s Literary and Genre Awards: Part 2 – Gender and Diversity

In the case of Gender and Diversity I’m going to report the facts while avoiding commentary, opinion or analysis. I know this isn’t particularly brave on my part, but I’m not willing to draw conclusions based on one year’s worth of award data.  That’s not to say some clear conclusions can’t be drawn. The stats, …

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Jan 11

An Analysis of 2015’s Literary and Genre Awards: Part 1 – Unique Books

[I apologise in advance for the lack of schmancy fancy graphs or illustrations.  But I’ll bold all the important stuff.] UNIQUE So like I said in the introductory post I read the shortlists of 22 genre and literary awards.  At the time I thought this was an insane thing to do given I’ve struggled to …

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Jan 04

An Analysis of 2015’s Literary and Genre Awards – An Introduction

These are the 22 literary and genre awards shortlists (novels only) that I read throughout 2015 (the hyperlinks should take you to the relevant 2015 finalists for each award). The Philip K. Dick Award, The National Book Critics Circle Award, James Herbert Award, The Folio Prize, The British Science Fiction Association Award, The Kitschies (2 …

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