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Jan 23

My Hugo Nominees For Best Novel

January is here and people are talking about their Hugo nominations. As has become tradition I’m going to make a half assed attempt to tell you what I’ll be nominating. I’ll even have a wild crack at predicting who will actually appear on the ballot. By the way, anyone else not yet received their Hugo …

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Dec 07

What I’ve Been Reading – November edition

Life is so hectic at the moment that I’m barely able to get a blog post out a month.  I’d like to blame the kids, but really I’ve spent most of my time playing and discussing and giggling over the worst cricket game ever made.  Ashes 2013: I’ve also recorded a new episode of Writer …

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Jun 08

Snapshot 2012: Andrew Macrae

Andrew Macrae is a writer, editor and musician. He works full-time running his own freelance copywriting and editing business called Magic Typewriter. He plays in a three-piece instrumental rock band called The Television Sky. He is very handsome. 1) While I know you’re a progressive thinker, there’s something old fashioned in the way you’ve approached …

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