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Dark At The Crossing by Elliot Ackerman

The good – this is one of the first novels I’ve read that deals with the current civil war in Syria and in particular the desire of some to leave their country and fight against the regime.  The bad – the book spends too much time on dull domestic issues, the sort you’ll find in any number of literary novels.

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The Leavers by Lisa Ko

TL;DR The prose is great, but I’ve grown bored with self destructive characters. Opening Remarks After reading five consecutive historical novels it’s refreshing to pick up a book set in the 21st Century.  The Leavers...

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Miss Burma by Charmaine Craig

My Observations and random thoughts (with added flavour text): Another day another historical novel (five in a row!) – Miss Burma by Charmaine Craig, longlisted for the National Book Award. Miss Burma is Craig’s second...

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  • The Costa Prize nominations have come out and, it would appear, I’ve read three of the four Novels nominated (any a…
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