Jun 17

A hiatus

I knew it would happen at some time, in fact I thought it would earlier than now, but work and life and general laziness has caught up with me.  I genuinely admire those who blog regularly.  These days, even to write a 600 word review, I need a massive run-up before my fingers touch the keyboard.

I do love discussing literature which is why I devote nearly three hours a month chatting about it on the Writer and the Critic and the Coode Street Roundtable podcasts.  But I’m not sure, just at the moment, whether I can translate that passion for genre and non genre fiction to a weekly, or even monthly blog post.

It’s possible (probable) that I’ll find a burst of energy at some point – maybe later in the year, maybe next year – but for the moment, if I do say anything about what I’m reading it will probably be on Facebook or Goodreads and it will involve allocating a bunch of stars to the book.  There might be the odd pithy remark.

I’m still hoping to republish my Thomas Disch reviews, but that might also be delayed.  For the time being.  Keep reading.  I certainly will.


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  1. Greg McElhatton

    We’ll be waiting!

    1. Mondyboy


  2. Lindsay Taylor

    Same here. I’m still very much enjoying the Writer and the Critic and the Coode Street Round Table is exactly the sort of literary SF discussion podcast I’ve been wanting.

    1. Mondyboy

      Awwww. Thanks. I am recommending books on FB and I’ll likely collect these monthly and post it here.

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