The winners for both the Philip K. Dick and the British Science Fiction Awards have been announced.

In the case of the PKD the award went to Ramez Naam for his book Apex.  Marguerite Reed took home a special citation (I suppose second place) for her novel Archangel.

I really didn’t like Nexus, the first book in Naam’s series, of which Apex is book three.  As a result I didn’t bother reading Apex and while it might be a stunning end to the series, personally I’d rather have seen Archangel win the PKD award.  What has become apparent is that my tastes and those of the PKD judges have diverged to the point I’m not sure I’ll be reading the nominees next year.

In regard to the BSFA, the winner for best novel was Aliette de Bodard’s The House of Shattered Wings.  Given how much I’ve enjoyed her short fiction I really feel like a traitor for not enjoying this novel.  Of the nominees I would have given the chocolates to Dave Hutchinson’s Europe at Midnight.

Still my tastes and subjectivity aside congratulations to all the winners.