… and they are as follows:

No surprise at all to see A Little Life appear as a finalist.  It’s a novel that I’m sure I’ll be seeing allot more of next year and I would be surprised if it didn’t win the 2016 Pulitzer (though I was convinced it would win the Man Booker and I was wrong about that).  I’m sure it’s also the favourite to take home the National Book Award for best novel.

Other impressions:

  • I see two short story collections nominated.  I love this aspect of the NBA, that they mix the short story with the novel.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have been exposed to Phil Klay’s brilliant collection Redeployment winner of last year’s fiction award.
  • Having said that, the Bender is currently out of print with plans to republish the book in January.  I can’t wait that long so hopefully I’ll be able to source a second hand copy.
  • Also, we have four woman on the ballot.  This is wonderful and fantastic and will certainly annoy those people – usually white blokes – who believe that all this talk of diversity has limited opportunities for guys!
  • The buzz for both the Groff – it received a very positive review in the New York Times also hitting the bestseller list – makes it a genuine contender for the prize.  The same goes for Angela Flournoy’s The Turner House who has already been distinguished as a “5 under 35” honouree.

Expect reviews in two weeks.