the magnificent The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by first time author Meg Elison.

Not only did I rave about this book as part of my review of the award finalists but I also hoped it would win.  Elison has written a genuinely brutal post apocalyptic novel that also deals with gender and sexual identity.  So big jumps of joy for Meg Elison and indie publisher Sybaritic Press.

Look, I know we’re all upset that the EVIL LIBERTARIAN OVERLORDS with their RAY GUNS!!! and SPACE SHIPS!!! and FICTION THAT ONLY EVER ENTERTAINS… NONE OF THAT SJW SHIT!!!! have sabotaged / taken over / pulled off a coup d’état of the Hugo Awards.  I’m a little gutted as well.

But rather than moan and groan about the end of a great institution, it might be worth re-setting your radar to other awards lists, like this years finalists of the PKD Award.  The majority of the finalists are the sort of ambitious, smart, crunchy fiction that we should be talking about, that we should be praising from the rooftops.  So, as a reminder, here are the list of the PKD nominees (linked to my reviews).

After you’ve drowned your Hugo sorrows do yourself a favour and read these books.  And then talk about them.  Lots.  Because rather than change rules or rage on twitter and Facebook, it’s through positive discussion and praise of great work that will result in actual change.

Rant over.