It’s a delayed post because frankly I don’t have much to say. For anyone who still has no idea who won, you can find the winners here.

I was surprised to see Jo Walton walk away with Best Novel for Among Others. I genuinely expected GRRM, with his strong fanbase, to have his one in the bag. I’ve obviously mis-read the Hugo demographics. Or maybe I should have figured that a nostalgic coming of fandom book is going to have more resonance than the sixth book of a long, possibly drawn out series. It’s now made me a little bit interested in how the World Fantasy Awards is going to turn out – though Among Others must be the favourite to win the double (or triple as it also won the Nebula)

Other than that… I was stoked to see Ken Liu win for best short story and E. Lily Yu win the Campbell.

I’m a little disappointed that neither Coode Street or Galactic Suburbia didn’t win for best Fancast. But I’m sure both podcasts will be featuring in this category again. On that note, I did get a bit teary eyed with happiness when I saw Writer and The Critic on the long list. Thank you so much for the 15 people who nominated it.

And now that I’ve seen the Community episode that was nominated, I’m shitty it didn’t win the Hugo over Doctor’s Wife. Both play with an old idea, but one does it with much more style and humor and joy.

Oh, and Jim Hines – well deserved.

I might have more to say about the comment ‘prodom has become the new fandom’ but that’s all for now.