In my attempt to conquer the Podcast Universe this month I featured in four different podcasts.

First off was episode 15 of the new and improved (or exactly the same as it was before) Shooting the Poo.  In this, the first of a two part epic discussion on the Alien film franchise, I get sprayed by Kirstyn before the opening credits.  A new record!  Episode 16 has just been released, and while I know I’m a tad biased I think this is one of our funniest episodes.  Even if you hate all thing Aliens.

A few weeks backs Jonathan Strahan and I conducted the first episode… or pre episode… of the Last Short Story podcast.  Jonathan does an excellent job of explaining the intent of the podcast here.  But basically we review short fiction – in particular the August issue of Asimov’s Magazine.  As a number of keen podcast observers have noticed I’ve put aside my elitist Skype is shit attitude to be involved with this new venture.  And while I think I sound better when I speak into a microphone (and not my iPhone), the podcast sounds fine.  I’m just amazed that Jonathan and I kept it under an hour.

Terry Frost, who I consider to be the Grandfather / Great Uncle / Great Poobah of Australian genre podcasting, then invited me to feature on his new show The Martian Drive-In Podcast.  We spend two hours talking about everything from Terry’s man cave, the landing of Curiosity on Mars and reviews of two timetravel films – FAQ About Time Travel and Primer.  Podcasting with Terry was a huge amount of fun.  The best bit was munching Cheezels and checking out the cool shit in his man cave during the breaks.  (This is the first podcast I’ve been on that has intermissions).

And then to end the month the final pre-recorded in June episode of The Writer and The Critic was released.  This one stars Drs Slatter and Hannett.  Again, there was much laughter and enjoyment of gingerbread and brownies and discussion about two meaty books – even if Alan Moore’s Voice Of The Fire gave me the shits, though Galore was magnificent!  Angela and Lisa can guest on the show anytime!

And that’s August.  Next month there will be more Last Short Story, Shooting the Poo and Writer and The Critic.  I know I pretend to be a blogger but podcasting is where my heart is.