Jun 27

I wish I had something interesting to say…

… but I’m fresh out of idea.  Oh, I’m certain there’s a barnstorming controversy around the corner that I’ll feel the need to comment on.  But other than note that I thought Prometheus was a bit shit.  (Actually allot shit), I have nothing to report.

That said, here’s something interesting things that other people have said in the last couple of months:

There’s Ian Sales fascinating analysis of what he discovered publishing his own book.

Or you can read The Ferrett’s piss-funny review of Prometheus as a Role Playing Game.

On the subject of Prometheus Abigail Nussbaum’s review is spot on (and basically says everything I’d like to say about the film).

And finally there’s this article from Ambling Along the Aqueduct which, frankly, should make you furious.

So there.  Next time I might actually have something to say.



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  1. Sean the Bookonaut

    My comments will undoubtedly improve too.

  2. Dave

    Abigail Nussbaum talks a lot of shit. I do hate those reviews that try to set themselves apart from online fandom and then swiftly descend into considering ulta-fannish minutiae but from A Rational Perspective. And she doesn’t seem to have paid attention to the film very well. David’s motivations, for instance, aren’t terribly opaque, as she contends; they just take a while to reveal themselves.

    Oh, and the idea that Ridley Scott hasn’t directed an excellent film since Blade Runner is the sort of opinion your gran probably thinks she can get away with. Thelma and Louise is hugely influential, as is Gladiator. You may not personally care for them, but they can’t be dismissed that casually. Not if you want to be taken seriously, at any rate.

    Having said all that, Prometheus still blows. Just not as much as Nussbaum’s writing.

  3. Grant

    I bought Ian Sales’ book at Eastercon, and enjoyed it very much. I should probably review it.

    1. Mondyboy

      Yes, you should!

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