So it’s been nearly two months since I last blogged.  Well, maybe more like six weeks.  In that time Sophie Zara Mond has reached the eight week mark and I’ve been going to bed increasingly earlier.  (There are times when I can can’t keep my eyes open beyond 10:30… I never thought I’d see the day).

Although I have close to zero time for blogging, I did back the Ghost Kickstarter a month or so back.  The platform won’t be available until November and I’m hoping by then – assuming Sophie has settled into a routine – that I’ll have more blog time.

Also while I’ve been away there’s been two Writer and the Critic podcasts.

The most recent episode, which was recorded at Continuum 9, features the magnificent Nora Jemisin.  This would be the same Nora Jemisin who said this amazing speech at the convention.  The same speech that’s caused quite the kerfuffle.

Normally I’d have plenty to say on the SFWA kerfuffle, but so many others have written what needs to be said.  Still, I want to point to two specific posts:

This one by K Tempest Bradford.  And this recent one by Amal El-Mohtar.  Given everything that’s happened you sort of can’t blame Nick Mamatas’ for giving up on SF.

So that’s it from me for the moment — oh, I nearly forgot, I’m the guest on the latest Torture Cinema episode of the Skiffy and Fanty Show.  It was sooooooo much fun crapping on about The Avengers (the 1998 one) with Shaun, Jen and Julia.  Actually that’s the great thing about podcasting.  The opportunity to ‘meet’ and podcast with people who are thousands of kilometres away.  It reminds you that for all the internet bullshit there’s still wonderful people out there.

And while I’m talking about podcasting… there are two episodes of Shooting The Poo in the can.  Once we’ve transitioned to podbean they’ll hit the pod airwaves.

Sleep now.