I’m not good with the whole link salad thing.  But as I said in this post, I’m going to spend this year and next linking to the best articles and rants and reviews I come across.  I’m calling it fan-writing, but it doesn’t necessarily need to have been written by a fan or be about fannish issues.  It just has to be good shit that makes you think.

And I’m happy to take suggestions if anyone comes across something that I might have missed.

So here we go:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t get 3G or wireless you’ve probably already read Nick Mamatas’ take on Geek Pride.  In short, I couldn’t agree more.

Timmi Duchamp is one of those fantastic writers who I forgot to mention in my Hugo post.  Her blog entry here on a shocking legislative development in Arizona is an example of her powerful writing.  I read this piece on a packed tram heading back to work after a meeting and I seriously wanted to shout and yell and be generally angry with the narrow minded stupidity of certain legislators.  I just silently fumed instead.

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy Martin Lewis’ reviews.  I’m hoping this post where Martin explores Hartwell and Kramer’s definition of Space Opera is the start of another of his Short Story Projects.

Kirstyn is back to posting on her blog again.  This blog entry, posted shortly after Cat Valente’s post on Chris Priest and gender, just reminded me of how much I missed her non-fiction writing.