On April Fool’s day I wrote this post asking someone out there to go “Chris Priest” on the Aurealis awards. In the post I made the statement that no-one had bothered to comment on the awards ballot, apart from the odd congratulatory pat on the back.

Well, I was wrong. A recent episode of the Galactic Suburbia podcast spent a good thirty minutes (or more) discussing each of these categories. And while there was some warranted back-slapping (both Alisa and Tansy feature on the list) they actually take the time to discuss what’s been offered up.

Do they go Chris Priest on the award? Well no, at least not in the negative sense. But they’re passionate and positive* about the state of genre in Australia, and really that’s what I’m asking for. So more of this please.

*Though there were a couple of times when I thought Alisa was holding back from speaking her mind.