Nov 29

Something gorgeous that appeared in the mail

Just under a month ago, Cat Valente – a good friend who I never get to see because she lives on the other side of the world – mentioned that her Omikuji Project was on the verge of ending if it didn’t reach a certain number of subscribers.  I’m not going to paraphrase the rest of the post, you can click on the link and read it yourself, but after reading Cat’s entry I immediately decided to sign up to the Project.

Today I got this gorgeous letter in the mail.  My very own short story – well mine and a hundred or so other people – sealed with the Valente mark of approval.

Awesome is a much used word these days – but it definitely applies in this instance.

More information on the Omikuji Project can be found here.


  1. Alex

    ooooh I signed up to that just recently because Alisa told me to! Well no, she mentioned it and I googled it (while recording GS…) and *then* I signed up. Anyway, I think I signed up too recently to get this month’s offering, so I have to wait another four weeks. SAD.

  2. Mondyboy

    When it does finally come in the mail, you will fall immediately in love with. The envelopes are pretty as well.

    1. Alex

      Looks like I didn’t make it for that round, cos I have had nothing in the mail. Next month! Can’t wait! Am loving the collection from the first two years.

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