On Friday I head off to Adelaide for the very first time* to be at the Adelaide Writers Festival.  I’ll be on two panels.

The first is “On and Off The Page” and is on the Saturday at 12:00.  It features Megan Abbott, Paul Callaghan and Rob Shearman, with me playing the role as moderator.

The second panel – which apparently is sold out** – is a commentary of Rob’s 2005 Doctor Who episode, “Dalek”.***

Because I have a massive ego, the idea of doing the commentary in front of a packed audience excites rather than frightens.  That said, it’s only beginning to dawn on me that this is likely to be the biggest audience I’ve ever performed in front of.****

Anyway, if you do miss either of the Panels, I believe they’re being simulcast on radio, and there’s a good chance the Dalek commentary might appear – in an edited form – on the ABC.

So yeah, the excitement is building!*****

*I know it boggles my mind as well that I’ve never visited South Australia until now, though I’ve flown over it heaps of times.

** Yes, the drawing power of the Mond is astonishing!

*** Rob and I did a similar thing at Swancon in 2008.

**** The Dalek commentary will be held at the Piccadilly Theatre which is an actual cinema and looks a bit like the Astor or Rivoli in Melbourne.  I have no idea how big the cinema is (it may only fit 25 people), but if it’s anything like the Astor it should be quite a crowd.