Yes ladies and gentleman, I’ve decided to make the bold decision and join Movember.  What is this Movember some you overseas people might be asking?  Well, basically I’m going to grow a moustache over the month of November.  Now, I go a horrible mo, I mean it makes me look like a porn actor or like someone wearing a false moustache.  In other words, I look like an idiot.  But it’s for a good cause – that cause being prostrate cancer.

Anywho, if you want to sponsor the growth, maintenance and general upkeep of the mo you can sponsor me here:  My registration number is 97300.

Aside from growing a porn moustache, my latest Big Finish Doctor Who short story has been announced here.

I’ll discuss more about the story in the next couple of months.  But this time I got the chance to write a fragment, a 2,500 word story that dumps the reader straight in the middle of the adventure and… in the most irritating fashion possible… doesn’t have an ending.  It was an absolute blast to write, and also a tad complex.  It’s hard trying to make a story satisfying when it doesn’t actually have a resolution.

I should also not that fellow Australian and scribe George Ivanoff is making his Doctor Who debut in this collection.  So good on to him.  In fact, my story follows right after his.  Which is nice.