I’m on facebook playing scrabble.  About seven games at once and being soundly thrashed in four of them.  Jules has beaten me so badly that I’ve had to resort to words like “cup” while she’s coming up with words like deemed, remained and shew… it’s just not fair.

As for the wedding, well it’s going reasonably smoothly.  We still have the wedding speech to write, and I’m also writing a speech for the Synagogue (which should be an intellectual, rabbinical exegesis… or something).  And I have to figure out whose sitting on what table – which I’m avoiding like a very smelly person.

And my soon to be mother in law is in town and she’s been a blast.  As usual.

I also saw Harry Potter 5 last night, while having a migraine.  And, I enjoyed the movie so much, my migraine was forgotten.  It’s as good Harry Potter 3 and is much darker than previous installments.  It helps, for me, that I haven’t read the books.  It means I don’t have any expectations that need to be dashed.  And one day I need to write an LJ on how to eat a choc top.  There’s a science to it, which I believe I have perfected.

And on the wriitng side, I’ve just finished a very small short story for an upcoming Doctor Who collection.  But more on that, and my writing in general in a few months.

So… 17 days to go.  Not that I’m counting or anything.