Tonight I had a very nice dinner with Bruce and Elaine and Ori and Bill.  We spoke about my wedding – less than 6 weeks away ARGGHHHH (of course I’m ARGGHHHing in a good way) – and religion and books and movies and indexing.  All in all an entertaining night.  The mushroom pasta thingie I ate was nice as well.

Go see The Lives of Others – the German film that won the Academy award for best foreign film (and beat a very unlucky Pan’s Labyrinth).  It’s about art and repression and freedom and falling in love with someone from a distance.  It’s a bleak film, with a positive tinge.  And it’s very grey.

As for Doctor Who, well The Sound of Drums was… well… lots of fun.  It was a bit all over the shop and there were some bits that I found irritating (which I won’t spoil here), but overall (and I know this a bone of contention with some) I thought John Simm kicked arse as the Master.  So I’m looking forward to ep 13.