I saw it on the weekend with Ori and I must say that I didn’t like it.

My main problem is that, like many blockbusters these days, it’s far too long.  This was made worse by Pirates because, to be frank, after Mr Sparrow is saved, nothing actually happens.  Oh yes, there’s plenty of betrayal and long conversations about love and Jack Sparrow being eccentric, but it takes about 90 minutes for the crew to get from the Underworld to Shipwreck Cove.  And once they get there it’s all a bit blah.

The last 30 minutes are great.  One kick arse battle scene.  And I kept being astonished by how good the special effects were.

But I was still expecting more.  I mean, other than create a whirlpool, what role did Calypso play?  I was hoping for some God like wrath.

I also got very tired with Captain Jack Sparrows irritating eccentricties.  They seemed more forced this time, more played for laugh.  Yeah, I loved him sniffing for the peanut at the beginning, but other then that Capt Sparrow comes off as an unsymapthetic nutter.

I thought Geoffery Rush was great.  I thought Keira Knightley looked great but struggles to act.  Her rallying speech on the Pearl to the Pirates lacked any sort of oomph.  Orlando was Orlando. 

I did love, however, the guy playing Beckett.  Pure evil.  And his death scene was probably one of the best directed scenes in the film.

I expected more from Pirates 3.  But all I saw was a plodding film with lots of flashes and bangs but with bugger all substance.