Continuum 4 is one week away and the crazy, insane dash to the finish line has meant I’ve recieved very little sleep over this week. But don’t feel sorry for me (not that any of you would… hateful people that you are) coz I willingly signed on for this madness. And Mitch came over last night (mainly coz he wanted to eat Trevi pizza which just around the corner from me) and I think I pulled a muscle as we walked the dark streets of Glenhuntly mulling over the con, like two enigmatic yet powerful figures discussing the future of the human race. Or something.

Without (a) giving too much away and (b) tempting the Gods of fate and other such nasty shit, the con is shaping up really nicely. That’s not just propoganda speak, I’m genuinely excited at what we’ve done. And the response has been great. As we’ve come to expect, a good chunk of the memberships have come in a flurry in the last two weeks — which reminds me, those of you who haven’t signed up (and you know who you are) please be good people and do so, so I don’t have to say nasty things about you behind your back.

Other than the con, well I miss Jules. She’s been away for 18 days, and doesn’t come back for 20 days, not that I’m counting, because I’m really not, I’m just really good at basic maths. Seriosuly, test me at the con. I’m brilliant at working our basic stuff in my head. A skill developed from working out the run rate required that Australia or their opposition would need in an over to win in a one day match. For example a side needs 225 to win in 33 overs and in the space of about 15 to 20 seconds I know that’s just under 7 runs an over. Just like that. I remember being at the MCG once watching Australia v West Indies and members of the crowd were using me as their run rate required indicator instead of the main scoreboard coz I was quicker. Promise.

Where was I. Oh yeah, I miss Jules. But I’m really happy that she’s having a great time of in Merry old England/Ireland and Scotland. I’m expecting heaps of presents. HEAPS!!!!!

So, a busy week and weekend to come.

Hope to see some of you at the con. Make me laugh.