There aren’t that many blogs or LJs out there that I crave to read or get excited about when there’s another update.  But one I do genuinely enjoy – and not just because of the brilliant title – is Requires Only That You Hate.   I came across this blog via Nick Mamatas and immediately fell in love with it after reading this funny rant / review of Ed Greenwood’s Silverfall (not a book I’ve read, but I think the review says it all).

The thing about acrackedmoon – and yeah it’s a terrible cliche but it’s also the truth – is that she pulls absolutely no punches and has no problem kicking a few famous (and much beloved) writers, like Neil Gaiman or Jim Butcher, in the scrotum sack.  And while she can be quite full on, what I think is brilliant and refreshing and insightful about her posts is that she does more than rant.  When the blog attacks a writer for being mysognist or a racist or whatever, acrackedmoon is more than happy to show her workings with direct quotes from the text.  And we’re not talking one sentence out of contex here – her quotes are nice and fulsome.  She lets the author hang themselve and then she goes in for the killer blow.

And yeah, the attacks can be personal.  But so the fuck what.  Sometimes people do need to be called out for the shit they try to get away with and I’m glad that there are smart bloggers like acrackedmoon out there who are more then willing to point this stuff out and make the writers accountable.

Oh, and I should also add that the blog isn’t relentlessly negative either.  Her positive reviews are a delight to read as well.