I’m 78.1 kilos, and I have man boobs. I want them and my gut to go. So I have joined Weight Watchers. Friends of mine have praised the “points system”. Basically, for those of you who don’t know all food has a point value. You’re allocated a certain number of points (in my case 22). The idea is to either keep to or under that point score everyday. If you do, you lose weight. However, you don’t want to go below 18 points because then the body starts thinking it’s being starved and that aint good.

As one friend pointed out to me, the anal quality to the point system has a strong attraction to the geek in me. What with all that budgeting of points and journal entry and reading nutritional guides And all I fucking think about is the point value of food. And sex. I think about sex as well.

Anyway, I have to fill out my journal and figure out how many points… I mean food… I ate today.