Had my first flexi-day EVER and this is what I did.

10:00 Woke up. (A shock that I woke before 1:00 on a day off. Was very proud of myself)

10:15 Had some breakfast, shower etc

10:50 set of for Carlton Gardens. Rob and I had walked through the Gardens in October and he’d mentioned what a good place it would be for some writing. And he was damn right!

11:15 Got to the Gardens. Nearly sat on some dog poo. Powered up the laptop, played the CDs of Era that Sara burned for me and started typing the first page of my new book.

1:15 Two CD’s later (and sneaking a peek at the couple heavy petting… I am a perve) I’d written 1,100 words.

1:30 Arrived in Fitzroy for lunch. Ate at the Veggie Bar. Last time I’d been there I was with Natahl and Rob. This time I ate Sweet and Sour (basically Hokien noodles in a sweet and sour sauce with veggies. Yum) and had a Mango Lassi. Yum again!

2:30 Went home, saw Ori waiting at the tram stop took him to Alternate Worlds

3:15 Did some shopping

3:45 Went and played Ricky Ponting Cricket on my laptop. West Indies are 3/97 at lunch with Lara on 16*

5:00 Had my daily walk.

Now I’m watching some cricket and Veronica Mars, totally and utterly relaxed. And the thought that I’m going back to work doesn’t bother me at all. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Oh, I sooooo love flexis.