Ahhhh… Jewish events held on X-Mas Eve. It’s like were doing this stuff, in secret, under the noses of the Non-Jewish populace who are singing X-Mas carols and making egg nog (whatever the fuck that is) and doing all that other X-Mas bullshit that always gives me a thrill this time of year.

Hawthorn, where the event was held, was dead. Stone dead. No-one in sight. Just Jews. 600 young, vibrant, drunks Jews. And I’m not talking the black coat, beared, dreidel spinning, oy vey, curly forelock variety. I’m talking the fashionable 20 something yid, wearing the latest and most expensive fashions. In fact, walking into the place you wouldn’t have known it was populated by young Jewish boys and girls. But drop a bomb in the place and you’d have wiped out the next generation of surgeons and barristers.

So why was I there. I’m 31 for fuck sake. The moment I walked in I raised the avergae age by about 6 years. You know you’re old and fucked when you walk into a nightclub and you see your little brother chatting up girls. You might as well just walk out the door.

Actually, for all my whining, it was a really good night. Caught up with some old friends, bumped into some old gals of mine, had a dance on the dancefloor (the Mond dance could stop Wars…) and basically had a laugh.

Anyway people, have a happy festive season etc. You know I love you all.

Tomorrow, I head off to Karingal with Sara to see Narnia. Now that’s gonna be fun.

And Monday morning… oh Doctor Who… I so love you.