I used to detest Sundays. The main reason being it meant going back to work – a place I hated. But these days, I’m in a job I like with people I generally get along with, doing work that I get satisfaction out of and thus Sunday no longer holds those “Oh My God I Can’t Cope With My Job, My Boss, My Clients” fears.

And I’ve started leaving the house on Sundays. I think leaving the house is an important thing. Today, I visited Aaron where we worked on his batting in the nets. The Bialik School Fete was going on right next to us and little girls were belting out Robbie William tunes over the loudspeaker. There were also camels. Huge, mother fucking camels (Well, I don’t *know* if the camel’s actually had sex with their mothers… but it seemed that way at the time). Aaron and I were nearly booted off by the very cautious security chappie who wasn’t sure why anyone would be playing cricket in the cricket nets. And when he saw Aaron bat his confusion remained. HA! But seriously I found out that Aaron’s got a good eye, and with a bit of work he’s a batsman in the making.

After Aaron I journeyed out to the distant climes of Bundoora where I spent a lovely two hours with Mitch discussing Con-related stuff. Mitch and I get very earnest and serious when we talk about the con. Which is sad coz normally we just like touching each other in our special places.

And now I’m in Heidelberg with Nat and Sara and about to sit down and have dinner with them. I smell some gorgeous garlic and onion and something else… is that PORK!!!! Yay!!! Oh, it’s not. Sigh. No pork for me then.

After this I’m going home. I should be working on my story. And I promise I will. But today I’m enjoying Sunday the way it should be enjoyed. With friends.

How sweet is that!!!!!!