As you all know by now, David Tennant has been annouced as the new 10th Doctor. What gets me about this piece of news isn’t how great an actor DT is, or that he’s a genuine fan of the show, or that he has that Doctory look that makes you go all wobbly at the knees. No, what gets me about this piece of news is that he’s the 10th… that’s 10th actor to play Doctor Who on TV.

If someone had told me just over 2 years ago that we’d be seeing a ninth and tenth Doctor on our screens I would have laughed in their faces. Sorry Danny.

This is the best time to be a Doctor Who fan. Forget what the naysayers and doubters says, the show is in good hands. And what’s more, the BBC want this show to become a reguar fixture of Saturday night viewing during the Spring/Summer period. Who knows… we might all have the privelege to see a 11th, 12th and 13th actor to play the role.

But right now – all eyes (well my eyes) are focussed on Chris and Billie. No matter how bright and rosy the future looks for Who, I’m not going to look there. I’m going to focus on the present. I’m going to concentrate on Chris and Billie. Because at the moment, this is there time and for all the hard work they’ve put in they deserve our attention.