Month: January 2007

A Review of Carnies

I’m gonna start reviewing the books I read this year. I’ve already read two books this year — the very good Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk and the okay Life in Pieces (a Bernice Summerfield book). But I thought I’d start with the book I’ve just finished, Carnies by Martin Livings. These reviews won’t contain spoilers. I’m here to give you an overall impression rather than give away plot details. So, what did I think of Carnies. Simply, it was great. At its core Carnies is a werewolf novel. And in some regards Livings doesn’t depart too radically from werewolf lore. But that was OK, as long as the story clicked, the characters were engaging and the writing was good. And Livings scores well in all those areas. The idea of werewolves running a Carnival in a long forgotten country town (place unspecified but it’s Australia and perhaps WA going from the authors own background) was interesting. The Carnival setting and the town were very well realised. But the real winners for me in this book were the two main characters, David and Paul Hampden. What happens to them seems predictable at the outset, David the journalist looking for a story and Paul his out of work cameraman brother tagging along (mostly because he has nothing better to do). They become embroiled with the goings on in the Carnival, the...

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My brother on Quizmania

As I’ve said in an earlier post, my brother is the Associate Producer on Australia’s version of Quizmania. Anyway, the phones went down on Wednesday night and the host (the gorgeous Nikki Osbourne) had to adlib for 90 minutes. My brother was called downstairs from the Producer’s booth to see if he could liven up the show with some shtick. And so here he is — my little bro… (he’s the one in the white...

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A year in Review…

You’re meant to write these buggers like on the first week of the New Year. So sue me, I’m late. 2006, for me, ranks there as the best year of my life. If you don’t know why you’re not my friend or your have selective memory issues. In anycase, here are the highlights, the lowlights, and lovelights *barf* Relationships. I met my soul-mate, I fell in love with her, I proposed to her at Mount Dandenong Observatory. This year I marry her. Her name is Jules. And she is just so funny, and sexy and filled with life. I sooo can’t wait for August. [OK enough of the gooey romantic stuff] Writing Had two stories published – in this: and this I love both stories and won’t hear a bad word about them. I’m also halfway through writing my Uncle’s memoir (35,000 words). It’s taken me two years to get that far, but I’m hoping to finish it by April this year. Fandom Organised Continuum 4 with Mitch. It was hectic and mad and basically has made me re-evaluate my position (or view) on fandom. I like being a fan, but I don’t know if I can deal so much with fans anymore or at least organised fandom. I still have my fannish friends, and I’ll still do fannish things such as frequent the Nova Mob, but...

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Perth —

— is gorgeous. Deep blue sky, wide roads and peak hour traffic that fondly reminds you of a lazy Sunday in Melbourne. Not much in the way of shopping or specific sights to see, but it doesn’t really matter because when it comes to Perth all you want to do is relax. I wonder how people bother to get up in the morning and go to work. I’m here with Jules, mainly for the great engagement party that was held last Sunday. It was brilliant, and I gave a half decent speech that got a few laughs and Jules looked gorgeous. My parents are here as well so most of my time has been taken up with parent-related stuff. Watching my soon to be in-laws and my parents spend anytime together is hilarious. They get on really well (which is good) and they even like spending time with each other (which can be nauseating). And when we’re not with the parents or parents in law, Jules is showing me around her fair city. She gives good directions 🙂 I’m going to apologise now for all the people I haven’t caught up with. Sorry. I did see the ever youthful Robin Penn, and he showed me around the tres cool Video Planet and swanky Planet Book. And today I saw Stephen Deadman at Fantastic Planet. Tonight I’m spending time with...

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