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Team America

Mitch came over last night and we saw Team America. Hilarious. Fucking hilarious. I’m not gonna give too much away because you should really enjoy this one without spoilers, but it’s a musical as well as an action movie. It has puppets vomiting, having sex, having their heads blown off, vomiting, singing about AIDS, vomiting and having deep and meaningful conversations about “where the heart is.” Some people will find this movie very offensive. Don’t be their friends anymore. Omce you’ve seen the film, and enjoyed and appreciated its many ideological and scatalogical nuances, go too this imdb page and read some funny trivia about Team America. Did I mention...

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I’m off to Gallifrey

Well, I just recieved my United Airlines tickets in the mail today. I’m off to Gallifrey!!! Gallifrey is the overseas con I love the most ( it’s where I met some wonderful people, most of whom I still keep in contact with and it’s the reason I’ve got a few short story credits to my name. With a bit of piss in me, I’m a pretty decent schmoozer. I didn’t go too this years Gally for various reasons (most of which having to do with money), and I wouldn’t be going to this one if it wasn’t for Mr Mileage Points. What a wonderful, glorious invention. 69,000 points I never knew I had (until I queried the nice customer service women) are flying me too LA. (Well, not the points exactly, I’m pretty sure there’s a plane involved). The trip backs a bit of a bugger, I’m stuck in Christchurch for 8 hours. But I’m told that the city is quite nice, so I’ll probably wander around with my laptop, find a nice cafe and do the pretentious thing of writing while sipping coffee… ah… I can imagine it now. Of course, the best con ever is Continuum ( of which I am the esteemed and glorious Treasurer. The last two have been brilliant, and this one, with Neil and Poppy and Robin and the party man himself Richard...

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My writing

As I sit here on this magnificent Sunday, the sun out, the sky so blue (aside from the odd wispy cloud), the washing machine chuntering in the distance, New Zealand being clobbered by Australia in the cricket, I thought I’d mention my writing. I’ve been professionaly published on 5 occassions. The first was a very, very bad horror story called “The Abomination.” It was published in Bloodsongs 8 and is possibly the worst story ever written. (Okay… I’m being a bit harsh, but for those of you who can track down Bloodsongs 8… and I doubt you can… (thank God for that) you’ll see what I mean). One of my goals in life was too get something else published, just so my only proffesional publication wouldn’t be such an abomination. Har de har. My other pro stories were all published by those very nice people at Big Finish. And for this, I have to thank Paul Cornell, Ian Farrington (the nicest guy in the Universe… aside from Jesus) and Simon Guerrier for allowing me write stories in my favourite universe and get paid for it as well. I should also mention my co-writer on two of those stories, Danny Oz, who was soooooo much fine to write with. Anyway, here are the title of the stories and some accompanying reviews: “Midrash”, which can be found at: Most people...

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Nearly finished Dark Tower 7

I should probably wait until I’ve actually finished Dark Tower before I review it, but I’m 530 pages in and it’s FUCKING brilliant. I love Stephen King, I’ve loved him since I picked up IT in 1990 (I think it was). Before then I’d been reading Terrance Dick Doctor Who novelisations, (and whatever dross I had to read for the school ciriculum… well it wasn’t all dross, I liked Space Demons…) so it was a major step up. 124 pages to 1,000 pages. 12 point font, to 10 point font. And then there was all the swearing and the colliqualisms and the gore… so much gore… hmmmmmm And I loved how King didn’t just write words, but actually got into the mind of his characters. Okay, his use of itallics was insane, but that didn’t change the fact that by the end of the novel we knew these people. And we either hated them, loved them, or sympathised them. We even came to sort of like the brat kid in Cujo (and didn’t the end of that book shock me… stupid movie changing the ending). So I’ve been on the Stephen King odyssey for 14 years. I’ve even done three or four interviews on him for local radio stations here in Melbourne. For a while (like 8 seconds) I was dubbed Australia’s Stephen King expert. (The Stephen King expert...

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And so it begins…

Yeah… I said I’d never write a Live Journal, and yet here I am writing a Live Journal. The question is why? Well, I don’t really know the answer… but who cares… let’s give it a whirl. Here are the ground rules I’ve promised myself. (a) No airing of other people’s dirty laundry – in other words, no gossip (b) No political discussions – I have plenty of political opinions, but unless I’m really angry, I can’t be arsed writing about them. Mondy just wants to have fun. (c) No negativity – I’m not saying this is a gonna be all happy face, but if you read this LJ I don’t want you walking away wanting to slit your wrists So what does that leave me with. Well reviews of books, promotion of my little short stories, and promotion of the events I’m involved in – like Continuum – which you people should check out ( Okay, maybe I’ll rant every so often… but only because we all need to vent. So there. My first LJ post. I wonder how long it will...

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